Business networks and telecommunications simply do not exist without cabling.
网络中的电缆就像遍布全身的静脉, they are entirely essential to survival; and just like the body, there is a certain level of examination vital to maintaining health.


You shouldn't take a chance with your health and you shouldn't take a chance with the health of your network. 当你长期从事这个行业,你需要人脉的时候 & 执行布线系统, you want assurance that it's in the best shape possible; DallasTECHNOLOGY administers this assurance by providing structured cabling services with the care and expertise of a surgeon.
避免心痛,在问题出现前做个检查吧. (请跳过下面填写表格)



There is a considerable level of complexity that arises within business networks and without the proper methodology it's easy to get tangled.
We don't need to explain the level of frustration and confusion that arises when dealing with a web of wires, just think about the last time you tried to untangle those Christmas lights left in the attic - you know what we mean.
When you have to troubleshoot an issue and your cabling system is a complete catastrophe, 光是找到问题的根源就需要好几个小时!


Save time by having a managed system in place and save money on aspirin dealing with the resulting headaches.


组织是任何成功努力的一个重要方面, it's no different for cabling a business network; organization is the key concept behind structured cabling.

结构化布线 is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support and connect multiple hardware systems/devices. The "structure" or architecture of the network cabling for your desktops, 服务器, phone systems and additional management systems such as security alarms and surveillance cameras.

These main components are structured and organized into smaller sub-sets, 这些子系统的实现, are a "structured" methodology for cabling infrastructure that establishes a consistent organization throughout the entire construction.
这一切意味着什么? 这意味着我们要对抗混乱, ultimately taming the beast that is your business network and produce a solid framework with which to upgrade and maintain a high-quality service.




  • 入口设施: The origin of the telephone company/互联网 Service Provider network and it's connection to the on-premises wiring. 与外部世界的联系,反之亦然.
  • 设备的房间: 所有设备布线的巩固点. 可能是一个大房间,或者一个小壁橱. 这通常是机架安装的交换机和服务器. 建筑物的中心, where all the veins branch out to bring forth precious data juice to the rest of the extremities. Optimized organization is a key component to efficient and reliable technology here, 更不用提故障排除了.
  • 主干电缆: 机房之间的连接, 电信的房间, 主要终端空间, 和入口设施. 主干是你的商业网络的主干, the rest of the body can't 真的 exist without the spine; the spine creates the connection for your central nervous system and it transmits the signals from your brain to the rest of the body - the backbone is essentially the same and you can think of it as holding the same level of importance.
  • 水平布线: Inside wiring or plenum cabling - connecting the 电信的房间 to individual outlets or work areas; usually through conduits or ceiling spaces of each floor. Keeping your cabling out of sight, out of mind and out of harm's way!
  • 电信的房间: or enclosure connections between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
  • 工作区域的组件: The connection of end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system. This is where the importance of structured cabling becomes evident to your employees; 整洁有序的工作区域能提高效率. 被电线绊倒会引发诉讼.

Adhering to organizational standards means a more scalable framework and upgrading/maintaining these structures becomes a smoother procedure. The resulting benefit is not only smoother upgrades but also increased reliability and speed.
The structures we implement become a blueprint for the success of your technology. 无论是现在还是将来.

We fulfill all cabling needs and desires - including the ones you didn't know you needed or desired.

We understand you want the most efficient and reliable service possible. So, 我们在结构化布线服务中提供全面的诊断, 一个真实的咨询,是迎合最适合您的需求.
我们有很多争论电线的经验, so you can rely on the skills and knowledge of an expert team while you relax and reap the results! 无论你的工作是大是小,dallasttechnology都可以帮助你. If you need a few network cables or jacks installed in a pre-existing building, or if you have new building construction and require a formal bid to install 20+ network cables. 我们想帮助你. 让我们一起工作...



  • 网络布线 – including needs analysis and system design Genuine consultation, with your needs at the forefront
  • 安全 -通过必要的预防措施保护您的信息隐私.
  • 数据电缆 -设计和安装
  • 电信电缆 -固定电话和网络电话
  • 互联网 -你需要在你的办公地点的互联网服务.
  • 电缆和布线修理 -诊断和修复问题
  • 相机 ——survelliance相机, monitoring/recording and the underlying cable infrastucture necessary for sustainability
  • 电缆和布线移动和增加 -对您的系统进行任何增量更改
  • 结构化布线 -用于建筑或办公室主干连接
  • 服务器机架布线 -有组织,有标记,有专业组织
  • 预制线
  • 维护 -基本的替换和升级.
  • 搬迁 -需要移动您的整个电缆系统?


We adhere to the most rigorous structured cabling methodologies and only use locally sourced premium cable. You can expect the highest level of quality and service from DallasTECHNOLOGY. Our licensed and certified engineers and technicians will analyze your business needs and make targeted recommendations for network improvements that will provide the best return on investment.

Our licensed and certified engineers and technicians will analyze your business needs and make targeted recommendations for network improvements that will provide the best return on investment.